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iphone antics

So I bought an iPhone last week.  It was awesome.  Until I noticed a stuck pixel at the very bottom of my screen.  I also have a stuck pixel on my DS Lite that’s been there since day 1, so I’m beginning to think that I’m just unlucky with things with LCD screens.  And, of course, once I was such a defect on my brand new $400 toy, I became obsessed with it and couldn’t stop noticing it.  So my husband told me that I should exchange it.  I debated it for awhile because knowing my luck, I was going to end up with one that had more stuck/dead pixels in more annoying places.  But it bothered me to no end, so I took the plunge.

We went to the Apple store and got attitude as we were told that there was no way to guarantee that we would get any better, blah, blah, blah.  But they obliged anyway.  I couldn’t see any dead/stuck pixels while I was in the store, but sure enough noticed at least three on the way home.  What’s more, the my replacement creaked whenever I squeezed its sides while holding it.  And there was light leaking out of the bezel.  And last but not least, when I loaded up a video into it, I noticed the dreaded negative black effect that has been plaguing the iPod Touch.

Of course, I wasn’t going to keep something that was worse than what I started out with, so I made another appointment at the Apple store and went back the following day.  Unfortunately, it was quite backed up and I ended up waiting forever.  During that time, another guy came in because of some problem with his iPhone touchscreen.  The person who took care of him took forever in the back with his iPhone, which was no good for me since that meant I was stuck waiting.   He finally came back out, but with who I thought was an expert in iPhones.  Instead, this guy turned out to be some sort of manager and informed the guy next to me that they had discovered that his iPhone had been unlocked and that unlocking voided his warranty.  Instead of accepting that he had been caught red-handed, this guy feigns innocence and then becomes all belligerent and demands to have his phone back and to speak with a manager.  Of course, they deny his request for a manager and he refuses to leave, leading them to call security, who does in fact show up and he is escorted to the back where he can no longer disrupt the peace of the Apple store.

I was just amazed at this guy’s audacity.  You did something you weren’t supposed to do to your iPhone and now you’re mad that Apple won’t fix it for you?!  It’s people like you who caused Apple to release this latest update that bricked not only unlocked iPhones but also some innocent non-unlocked iPhones and broke all third party applications.  I don’t like AT&T either, but I swallowed my pride and signed up because I wanted an iPhone.  What makes you think you’re somehow entitled to not follow the rules?  And then when you’re caught, you want to be treated like everyone else who actually followed the rules? Give me a break already.  It’s always the few who ruin it for the many.

Ranting aside, I was eventually seen and got some more attitude about how the screen is supposed to be like that (riiiiiiight), but still got a replacement.  I was planning on not leaving the store until I had a good iPhone, but after belligerent guy, I figured it wasn’t a good idea.  Luckily, the replacement iPhone screen was good and my problems were solved.  So finally, I can add my contacts, music, and videos to it.  Took long enough.  Not that I’m complaining too much since I know that I’m lucky to even have one.