puppy fever

I’ve wanted a corgi ever since my first dog, which was likely a corgi/cocker spaniel mix, died during my second year of med school. But after adopting my current dog and then another dog and then realizing that I couldn’t quite handle taking care of two dogs alone, I decided that I would stick to my one very low maintenance dog.

But every once in awhile, I get bitten by the I-want-a-puppy bug and ask my husband if I can get a corgi. He usually says, “Okay” and we never speak of it again. Well, I was bitten again recently and asked my husband if I could get a corgi. This time, however, he responded with, “Let’s do it!” I still didn’t think he was serious, even as I watched him look up breeders. Then he started showing me pictures of available puppies and talking about deposits and such and it dawned on me that he was really serious. Which led me to back things up and tell him that I wasn’t serious about wanting a puppy…that it’s just one of those things that I want but can never find the time to have. Which got me the whole “life is short” (as if I need to be told that) lecture. Well, to make a long story short, there was no way I was going to be able to resist once I saw the cute puppies and found one to my liking. So now, we’re expecting a little bundle of fur come late May.

I’m a worrier by nature and I’m kind of freaking out about this whole thing now, especially because my last attempt at a two-dog household failed miserably. I blame it on my choice of second dog and hope that this time will work out. Well, I can’t really afford it not working out, can I? At the same time, I’m really excited at the prospect of finally being able to raise a puppy. I’ve never had that before…both my previous dog and my current dog were adopted. So it is with both excitement and trepidation that I look forward to our new addition…kind of like how I’m feeling about going back to the wards…

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  1. update: of puppies, chanel, and iphonesYes, I've been MIA again. It's really hard to write when I'm too busy being a blob. I deferred my second rotation because the ghost of my dissertation just would not stop haunting me. Translation: my asshole major professor kept demanding a draft from me despite the fact that no one really expects us to pump out a dissertation during our third year of med school. It was a tough decision, but it was just something I had to do in order to make sure that I could focus completely on my rotations so that I don't fail. One can skate by with only half a mind on Psych, but not while on Peds or Medicine. And I've been making good progress so far. This whole deferment has allowed me to enjoy life a bit more, which is good because I've learned to appreciate the little things, like watching my adorable corgi puppy sleep in my lap all day long. It's also bad because I will have to learn to live a shadow of a life once I return in August. I'm not yet sure how I'll deal with that yet, but my preliminary plan involves large amounts of Prozac.* Speaking of my puppy, he is absolutely awesome! He's the cutest thing ever! I always thought that I would miss him having a tail (my other dog has a really fluffy tail that has a tendency to knock things over quite often), but I now find my puppy's little nubbin...
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    my roommate’s girlfriend is obsessed with corgis. i have to admit, they are cute.

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