i’m all shopped out

I hate Christmas shopping.  The crowds.  The lines.  The rude people.  The not-being-able-to-find-what-I’m-looking-for.  So I always keep my eyes peeled during the year for gifts so that I don’t have to really shop during the holiday season.  I thought I’d done pretty well this year too.  I only had a few more people to go.  So I decided to play hookie today to take care of these last few people.  I even knew what I wanted to get them.  But still, I was foiled.  Seems that everyone decided to try to beat the rush this year, so all the stores were super crowded even though it was Monday.  Not only that, but I couldn’t find a single thing I was looking for.  And because it was crowded and I’m a super introvert who can’t stand being near people for too long, I’m completely drained now and have a huge headache.  I’m definitely finishing up the rest of my shopping online.  After I go to the mall tomorrow to hopefully pick up a few things that I don’t want to pay shipping for.  Shopping is fun.  Except during the holidays.  When I absolutely hate shopping.

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 314

    i’m pretty patient, so i don’t really mind standing in line or whatever. except when i’m buying a gift on behalf of someone else. my mom sent me out into that jungle of black friday to get her gift for my dad. that particularly sucked.

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 mylifemypace

    I normally don’t really mind the lines either. Except for if I happen to be in line buying gifts for the undeserving in-laws. Every year, I spend so much time figuring out and then hunting down their presents to have them repeatedly give me Banana Republic gift cards (for my birthday AND Christmas!). I don’t even shop there! Otherwise, I just really hate fighting for parking spaces. And the crowds. Of rude people. And screaming kids. I can’t believe you braved Black Friday. I tried it once and have never bothered again.

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