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when the major professor is away…

…the grad student will go on vacation.  Well, the trip was planned way before he incapacitated himself.  It’s just that now I can take several extra days off to recover from my vacation.  Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

train your brain!

If you’re like me and your brain is rotting due to inactivity, then Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS is for you. If you’ve played the first Brain Age, then it’s more of the same…perhaps even a little more challenging. For those new to the game, it’s a video game that is made up of a bunch of mini brain exercises designed to help keep your brain fit. Even my brothers, who think it’s uncool to be smart, are addicted to this video game. So give it a try if you’re bored!  I know I sure get a kick out of beating my husband at it.

just when i thought i couldn’t get anymore screwed

My ass of a major professor injured himself quite badly over the weekend and will be stuck in bed for the next two months.  I never thought I would complain about him not being in the lab, but here I am doing exactly that.  Why?  Well, sure he’s a bother when he’s around and he usually ignores me anyway, but now I can’t even count on him to be there in all of his annoying glory when I actually do need him, say when I need his recharge number to order animals.  I’m so screwed.

grand rounds 3.49

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.4

It’s that time of year again. The time when a new batch of fresh-faced and starry-eyes med students start their descent into hell. Ah, what I would give to go back to when I started my first year of med school…the innocence, the hope, the excitement. I sure hope they enjoy it before all of that optimism gets beaten out of them.

So, in honor of hopes and dreams and the excitement that we can’t help but feel as we start on the road to fulfilling our dream of becoming doctors, my song for this week is Osami Masaki – Dream Believer from the Prince of Tennis anime.

YouTube Preview Image

As usual, feel free to send song suggestions to me here.

crazy idea of the day: let’s move to japan!

I’ve been spending all week looking at cool Japanese hairstyles because I’m heading off to a real Japanese hair salon to get my hair cut this weekend.  And I just love how Japanese people are so creative and cute with their hair and makeup.  I also love how Japanese people are so meticulous (supposedly, the people at this hair salon will spend an hour or more cutting your hair just right and will constantly ask for feedback as they go), people-pleasing (they’ll serve you tea and juice as you wait your turn), and respectful (at authentic Japanese restaurants, you’ll always be greeted by a chorus of hearty “welcomes” in Japanese from everyone on staff as you enter).  They’re also, for the most part, more introverted, which saves me from having to make pointless small talk.  All of these qualities are things that I find sorely lacking in America today, which leads me to the conclusion that I’ll be really happy if I move to Japan.  The fact that I’ll probably never have to see or hear from my in-laws again is also a big plus.  I really hate it when I come up with random ideas that I become obsessed with until I fulfill them (the whole buying a Prius thing was one such thing), but I really think that this is one of the better ideas I’ve had this year.  So, as soon as I can afford it (which probably won’t be for a long awhile), I’ll be paying Japan a little visit to see if it’s really the place for me.  Um yeah, and I think I need to figure out if I’ll be able to practice medicine there with my American degrees…

grand rounds 3.48

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consequences of living in a college town

I like the little town that I live in.  Most people don’t, but I do.  Sure, there’s a few drawbacks, but for the most part, the benefits outweigh the costs and I like it better here than my more urban hometown.  The thing that annoys me the most is the fact that my little town is a college town, chock full of annoying college kids.  Summers are best because most of them are gone and I always try really hard to enjoy the quiet before they come back.  Which is quite soon now.  Besides being just downright obnoxious, college kids also don’t have much driving experience.  So I’m always very careful about where I park my baby Prius since I want to keep it ding- and dent-free for as long as possible.  And I think you can guess the rest from here…

My husband and I decided to go out to dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant today.  We got lucky and found a parking space quickly.  But I noticed that we were parked crooked.  And then the car next to us started backing out and I got really scared that they would scrape us.  But I didn’t say anything because my husband hates it when I criticize his driving.  We just stayed in the car while they backed out and sure enough, they scraped us.  As my husband sat there dumbfounded, I kept telling him, “They hit us.  They f****** hit us.  They hit us, dammit…why are you still sitting there?!”  I finally got out of the car before they could decide to run off and dealt with everything from there on.  It turns out that it wasn’t us who had parked crooked, but them.  We were as straight as straight could be.  If only my husband had my good sense and parked one space down, our poor baby Prius wouldn’t have a nice scratch on it.  Because obviously, if someone’s parked crooked, it means that they probably aren’t the best driver and you should avoid them.  So yeah, our baby Prius’s dent-free days are over…and just shy of its first birthday too.  So sad.  Damn college kids!