not that i ever watched star wars

Darth Vader had borderline personality disorder.  If only he had gotten psychotherapy.

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  1. does someone you know/love/hate have fatal flaws?Yes, I said "fatal flaws." It sounds like the title of a cheesy psychological thriller. Tall, dark, handsome guy meets attractive woman. They hit it off. He falls for her. And then, after he's settled into couple-dom with this perfect woman...cue dramatic music...he discovers that she has fatal flaws! And he spends the rest of the movie trying to avoid being a victim of this fatally flawed woman. Well, cheesy as it may sound, isn't that what our real-life relationships are like? We meet someone. S/he may be someone we work for or with, someone we think we can be friends with, or someone we think we just might come to love. Things go well. For awhile. We settle into routine. And then, sometimes slowly and sometimes like-an-anvil-on-your-head, this person all of a sudden isn't what you thought s/he was and you find yourself doubting yourself as well as this other person that you now have a relationship with. A surprising percentage of the population have what are termed personality disorders, defined by the DSM-IV as "persistent patterns of feelings, thinkings, and behavior that result in problems with relationships, in controlling impulses, and in functioning in social, school, or occupational settings." These disorders include histrionic, narcissistic, antisocial, obsessive-compulsive, paranoid, borderline, and schizotypal personality disorders. We've all heard the term narcissist before, but do we know what it means and how a person with narcissistic personality disorder behaves? Probably not. So how do we know if we're in a relationship with...

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