curses, why did they have to give me such a good candidate?

And I was so excited too. But you see, what I’m fighting for here are the numbers. I want our future physicians to have the numbers first and foremost. Anything else is just icing on the cake. I hate this whole mentality of we’ll-let-subpar-numbers-slide-because-they-did-all-this-other-stuff-or-had- a-lot-of-shit-going-on. I’m sorry, but I had a whole lot of shit going on when I was an undergrad and I didn’t screw up my numbers. So why should anyone else get away with such a dumb excuse? If you were really smart, you would be able to deal with a lot of shit and not screw up your grades. But I digress. That issue is another post for another day.

In this case, I really wanted to strike some cocky bastard down. Knock him/her down a peg or two…or ten. But I didn’t get to do that because my victim was neither cocky nor lacking in numbers. Nope. In fact, quite the opposite. I couldn’t find anything wrong with them at all.

And yet it was still so hard to write the report. As much as I joke about what I would do once I had someone’s life in my hands, when it actually did happen, I couldn’t help but take it seriously. One misinterpreted word on my report and my interviewee could be screwed even if I didn’t mean it that way. So instead of it taking forever for me to write my abstract (on nonexistent data) for an upcoming retreat, it took me forever to craft this interview evaluation.

Sad, really.  Give me someone I can ream next time!  Please!  I don’t want to go soft now.

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The patient is a 20-something-year-old MD/PhD student with a history of extensive schooling now presenting with frustration at her current lack of progress consistent with being stuck in a rut.



Scientists in the EU are designing robot nurses.  Looks like they'll be pretty cute.  And that they'll be taking care of the more tedious tasks (like mopping up spills and guiding visitors to patient rooms), hopefully freeing up human nurses for more pressing patient matters.  Unless, of course, they malfunction…


iPhone > girlfriend?  Well, yeah if my girlfriend is as super-fugly and super-psycho as my brother-in-law's.  And I'm assuming that's why an informal survey found that 1 in 8 guys would trade their girlfriends for the latest and greatest tech toys.


A new study shows that more Americans are drinking soda at breakfast.  Soda for breakfast?  Gross.  I guess it beats coffee though.  The article also mentions that about half of the US population drinks 4 or more sodas a day.  Damn.  I used to have one soda a day and feared for my health enough to cut soda pretty much completely out of my diet.  Diabetes nation, here we come.


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