inspirational music for the graduate student 1.12

Back before my crazy-cramming-for-quals days, I used to partake in a little anime-watching. My absolute favorite anime (for the moment) is Bleach, which is about a high school student who finds out he has shinigami powers. Yes, that probably doesn’t make sense, but there’s really no way I can explain it, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself if you’re interested. Anyway, they have really great opening and closing songs and my favorite, which I’ve chosen as my song for this week is Sunset Swish - My Pace. It’s a really catchy song about living life at one’s own pace and not giving up, which I think is very appropriate for this week because that’s just what I did when it came to quals–I chose to take it when I did myself (albeit later than most) and I didn’t give up studying or run out of the exam screaming (though you don’t know how tempted I was) and it worked out. Hopefully, this whole going about my thesis project at “my pace” will also work out.

In the meantime, feel free to send your song suggestions to me here.

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The patient is a 20-something-year-old MD/PhD student with a history of extensive schooling now presenting with frustration at her current lack of progress consistent with being stuck in a rut.



Scientists in the EU are designing robot nurses.  Looks like they'll be pretty cute.  And that they'll be taking care of the more tedious tasks (like mopping up spills and guiding visitors to patient rooms), hopefully freeing up human nurses for more pressing patient matters.  Unless, of course, they malfunction…


iPhone > girlfriend?  Well, yeah if my girlfriend is as super-fugly and super-psycho as my brother-in-law's.  And I'm assuming that's why an informal survey found that 1 in 8 guys would trade their girlfriends for the latest and greatest tech toys.


A new study shows that more Americans are drinking soda at breakfast.  Soda for breakfast?  Gross.  I guess it beats coffee though.  The article also mentions that about half of the US population drinks 4 or more sodas a day.  Damn.  I used to have one soda a day and feared for my health enough to cut soda pretty much completely out of my diet.  Diabetes nation, here we come.


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