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inspirational music for the medical student 2.8

Starting med school is like starting a new life…you have to learn to study extremely efficiently, deal with slightly crazy classmates, and fumble your way through your first physical exams and patient interviews. Along the way, you’re going to make mistakes, many embarrassing ones. You’re going to be scared that you’re never going to be good enough. And you’re going to be happy that you’re pursuing your dream. So in honor of new beginnings, my song for this week is Yael Naim - New Soul.

YouTube Preview Image

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.7

Things never really are what we think they are. That cute chick at Starbucks? Yeah, she’s a little psycho. That picture perfect family? Yeah, the kids are on drugs and the parents are having affairs. Being a doctor? Yeah, it’s not what we think it is either. And I think we begin to see a little of that when we start med school. And since I’ll be heading back to med school soon (yay!), I’m thinking I’m going to face some realities about what I’ve gotten into that I had some misconceived notions about. So in honor of things not being what they seem, my song for this week is The Killers - When You Were Young. YouTube Preview Image

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.6

Ah…med school…such a time of discovery.  We learn so much that it kind of drives us crazy, making us wonder sometimes whether we’re Sick or Sane (Senses Fail).

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.5

Med school is synonymous with information overload.  There’s just way more to learn than we can possibly ever learn.  No matter how much we memorize, there’s always something that we just can’t remember.  And that didn’t sit well with me when I started out because I had never before had trouble memorizing every single detail about something.  So, eventually, I learned to accept that there are just some things that I couldn’t memorize and to be happy with what I did memorize.  So, okay, I don’t know all 16 possible side effects of furosemide, but I know the important ones.  I’m fine with that now.  Because when you’re trying to memorize the mechanisms of actions of these drugs, their side effects, along with more than you ever wanted to know about your kidneys on top of also trying to become an expert on the gastrointestinal tract and the inner workings of the mind, you learn to take what you can get.  And if that means you know 14 of 16 possible side effects of furosemide, then so be it.  Which brings me to my song for this week: Dashboard Confessional - Tonight I’ll Take What I Can Get.  Because that’s just what we have to do sometimes.

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.4

It’s that time of year again. The time when a new batch of fresh-faced and starry-eyes med students start their descent into hell. Ah, what I would give to go back to when I started my first year of med school…the innocence, the hope, the excitement. I sure hope they enjoy it before all of that optimism gets beaten out of them.

So, in honor of hopes and dreams and the excitement that we can’t help but feel as we start on the road to fulfilling our dream of becoming doctors, my song for this week is Osami Masaki - Dream Believer from the Prince of Tennis anime.

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.3

If you haven’t learned anything else from reading my ramblings, I hope you’ve taken away the fact that med school is really hard.  I don’t think any of us actually get through it without questioning the choice that we made at least once.  But even though we may question our career choice repeatedly, most of us conclude that we can’t imagine doing anything else.  Ask a physician who’s been in practice for awhile and you might hear a different answer, but that’s another post for another day.  We doubt ourselves when we are faced with exam week or when we have to round at 6 am, but we always come back the next day.  Because it’s what we chose.  So my song for this week is Let’s Go Sailing - This Rope is Long because it reminds me of how we struggle with the life that we chose all while knowing that we’re already living it.

This rope is long
It takes me awhile
To bring me back

And I’m already there
I’m already there

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.2

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually chosen truly “inspiring” songs for this series. So today, my song choice is nobodyknows - Hero’s Come Back (and no, that’s not a typo), which is the current opening theme for Naruto Shippuuden, a Japanese anime series that I’m watching. It’s mostly in Japanese, but it’s pretty inspirational…a little something to get us all going as we head into first or second year, the USMLE Step 1, and the wards.

YouTube Preview Image

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inspirational music for the medical student 2.1

I hate to break it to you, but med school is so like high school that it’s not even funny.  Everywhere you turn, there’s just drama, drama, drama.  You would think that med students are a horny bunch who have never gotten any before in their lives the way everyone was hooking up with everyone while having significant others on the side.  Triangles abounded.  Things got ugly.  Some couples made it through though and got married.  But most of them just crashed and burned.  Even I wasn’t immune and spent the first two years of med school with a narcissistic, spoiled, mama’s boy who couldn’t give his “ex-girlfriend” the boot.  Now that you know, let’s never speak of this again.

In honor of all of the incest that goes in med school, my song for the week is Bittersweet - The Mating Game.  The next time you’re tempted to hook up with a med student, you should first wonder where he/she’s been…it’s likely that after such consideration, you might not be so tempted anymore.  Unless he/she is extremely hot, of course.

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