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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.7

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the rat, but don’t worry, rats aren’t all bad.

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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.6

Unluckily enough for me, my holidays were chock full of in-law action (or inaction depending on how you look at it).  And after yet another Christmas where I ended up with re-gifts and gift cards to places I don’t shop after I put a lot of thought and money into their presents combined with their blatant hypocrisy, I’m done with them.  I seldom take leaps or put my faith into people because that’s just not how I am.  But I (foolishly) put myself out there with them because I thought we could all be family…that I would have a motherly figure in my life again, a sister, and brothers who would actually listen to me (my brothers have since come around).  But everything that has happened with my in-laws since the day I got married has only served to remind me of exactly why I put a huge wall around myself that few people ever manage to scale.  And to show me how big of an idiot I was to believe even for a second that I was going to gain another loving family.  So my song for this week is Paramore – For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic because I put my faith in these people and they just threw it away.  And then some.

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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.5

Feeling not so nice lately.  Nice guys sure do finish last.  So my song for this week is Get Set Go – Mean.

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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.4

I’m really tired.  We repeated our experiment from yesterday to confirm that my treatment agent is in fact…how do we put it now…toxic.  And confirm it we did.  Then I come home tired and hungry (I usually don’t have time to eat at all on my experiment days) to have my husband decide that he wants us to go out to eat again with his friend who lives behind us.  I tell him that I look and feel like crap so I don’t want to go out and that we’ve been eating out way too much when we have plenty of food at home.  And what does he do?  He calls his friend up and arranges for us to go out anyway.  Then I get mad at him for what he did and we argued.  Then we decided to leave since his friend was waiting.  And I was really tired and grumpy.  So I didn’t grab my keys.  Since you know, my husband was going to drive.  You can probably guess what happened next.  He gets into the car and then gets back out because he doesn’t have his keys either.  And of course, he locked the door behind him as we left.  So he locked us out of our house again.  After the last two times, I always made sure to have my keys because I knew better.  The one time I was too tired to be all careful, it bites me in the ass.  But this incident also made me realize that my husband is way too dependent on me.  I do everything.  He’s a half-assed kind of guy (trust me, this didn’t come out until after we got married) and doesn’t believe in that whole “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” philosophy.  So because of his laziness, I take care of all of the “being careful.”   He even goes so far as to assume that he can depend on me to help him with all of his prerequisites for med school as well as that whole getting-into-med-school part.  Instead of reading his book or referring to his lecture notes, when he has a question about something, he’ll just ask me as if I’m his personal TA.  When he needs to write a lab report or an essay, he half-asses them as fast as he can and hands them to me, assuming that I’ll just make them all better for him.

And I’m damn tired of it.  I didn’t get married so that I could be someone’s personal crutch. So my song for this week is Matchbox Twenty – Crutch.

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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.3

I hate to admit it (and likely jinx myself), but this summer has been the quietest one so far in terms of in-law drama. Sure, I had that pesky cousin-in-law over for three weeks, but that was nothing compared to having not-so-dear brother-in-law and passive-aggressive cousin-in-law over for eight long weeks along with a severely sprained ankle. But, of course, all good things must come to an end, and I’m currently preparing myself for super spectacular in-law drama for Labor Day weekend. To make a long story short, we will all end up converging in a sunny locale to show yet another cousin-in-law universities in the area and sister-in-law wants everyone to get together and pretend to be one big, completely fake, happy family. Which, of course, isn’t going to happen because I have banned any contact between myself and my husband with not-so-dear brother-in-law and his super psycho super fugly girlfriend (maybe I should just call her SPSFG for short…or maybe not…). And of course, because my sister-in-law loves all things fake, she’ll throw a huge hissy fit and declare me the evil one. Well, so be it if that’s what it takes for me to make a stand against their golden boy and his SPSF girlfriend. I’d rather be ostracized (quite frankly, I much prefer being uninvolved) than be exposed to that fugliness for even a millisecond. Oh yeah, and I can’t stand superficiality and fakeness. If my family doesn’t get along, then we don’t get along. We never pretend that we do just for the sake of pretending. What’s the point of that? It’ll only last five minutes and it’s all fake anyway. How is that supposed to float my boat? But then again, I guess my sister-in-law has lived in the land of superficiality far too long to know any better. Not that that means I’m going to humor her in any way, shape, or form.

So, in honor of continual in-law meddling in my life, my song for this week is Bon Jovi – It’s My Life. Yes, it’s old and pretty lame, but I got it stuck in my head, so here it is.

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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.2

After the disaster that was last summer, I made my husband swear that we wouldn’t be a halfway house for his relatives’ (troublemaking) kids during the summer ever again. He was quick to promise. He always is. And then he always fails when it comes time to keep his promise. And this time was no different. First, he kept hassling me about letting the king of passive-aggression’s sister come stay over just because she wanted to experience life in our sunny state, which I refused. Over and over again. Until he finally got the point. Then he asked if his other cousin (how many cousins does he have anyway?!) could come “visit.” A visit was fine with me. Spending a couple of hours or even a couple of days with a kid is something I can swallow. I’m not that averse to people after all. But little did I know that my husband has a very different definition of “visit” that he chose not to make me aware of. So now I get to play mommy to a junior high kid for three whole weeks. Now, please tell me that when you think of the word “visit,” you think the same thing I do (a couple hours or days) and not three weeks. Suffice it to say, I am not happy. And now I’m stuck because I chose not to interrogate him on one tiny insignificant issue. And the brat’s arriving in two days, on Bastille Day, ruining a holiday that I am quite fond of. I’m beginning to think that my evil mother-in-law decided that I would be an unfit mother and conspired with the rest of my husband’s extended family to send me all of their troublemaking kids to make me not want to have kids of my own. Well, if that was her plan, 1) she didn’t have to to bother because I don’t want kids anyway, and 2) it’s working like a charm.

As I’m enjoying my last few moments of peace, there’s been a song running through my head (of course!): Something Corporate – Space.

Home, is this a quiet place where you should be alone? [obviously not during the summer]
Is this where the tortured and the troubled find their own? [no, it's where they go to get tortured some more]

Hey! Give me space so I can breathe
Give me space so I can sleep [is that really too much to ask?]

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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.1

I’m in a goofy song mood.  Maybe it’s because my husband was mowing the lawn earlier tonight and purposely (at least to me) ran over our neighbor’s sprinkler head while it was on, sending water shooting in a huge stream onto my neighbor’s car and I’m trying really, really hard not to get angry, but I need a goofy song.  A goofy couple song.  Even though I do not at all think what my husband did was goofy.  I’m just trying to pretend it was.  So my song for this week is The Refreshments – Down Together.

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inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 1.16

So I visited the dear mother-in-law not just this last weekend, but also the weekend before because a) it was her birthday and b) because Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we can’t make it back because my husband has an exam.  I don’t know why I all of a sudden became so generous, but I did.  And funny thing is: I don’t even regret it that much.  Because she was nice.  And almost decent.  I thought it was because she was finally happy to see us after we boycotted Christmas and all.  But that couldn’t be it because we’d withheld visits before and she was just as mean.  Then, because to the common person, med student = doctor, she asked me for advice on the findings from some test she’d had done because she was having abdominal pain.  So I read the report.  And found that they had given her an antidepressant to treat suspected irritable bowel syndrome.  Aha!  So that’s why she was sane and normal and almost nice.  Because she was finally taking the antidepressants she so badly needed!  Now if only she would keep taking them.  Then all would be well.  I just need to count on no one else figuring it out and telling her because she would immediately stop and sue the doctor for daring to think she has a mental illness.  But I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

So, in honor of my mother-in-law’s better mood thanks to the magical pills, my song for this week is: Jump 5 – Walkin’ on Sunshine.

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