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carnival of GRADual progress (#10)

The tenth carnival of GRADual progress (a monthly collection of posts about grad school) is up at 10-Year-Plan.

carnival of GRADual progress (#9)

The ninth carnival of GRADual progress (a monthly collection of posts about grad school) is up at Fumbling Towards Geekdom.

carnival of GRADual progress (#8)

The eighth carnival of GRADual progress (a monthly collection of posts about grad school) is up at Half an Acre.

carnival of GRADual progress (#7)

The seventh carnival of GRADual progress (a monthly collection of posts about grad school) is up at The History Enthusiast.

carnival of GRADual progress (#6)

The sixth carnival of GRADual progress (a monthly collection of posts about grad school) is up at Working Writing Wailing Mama.

carnival of GRADual progress (#5)

The fifth and holiday edition of the Carnival of GRADual Progress is now up at Fumbling Towards Geekdom.  Enjoy!

fourth Carnival of GRADual Progress

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Carnival of GRADual Progress, which I, a carnival-hosting newbie, am honored to be hosting today.  Let’s hope it all goes off without a hitch.

Since I’m in the middle of studying for my dreaded qualifying exam and should have been studying instead of reading all of these great posts, my theme for today’s carnival is:


Reminiscing about the decision to go to grad school…
I think I flipped a coin.  For a more sensible approach, here’s Aunt Flossie’s answer to the age-old question of whether or not to go to grad school (plus cute kitties!).


Pondering the ins and outs of graduate education
I thought some discussion sections here were bad, but Zapaper of Chicago Beijing writes that in China the discussion seminar (called taolun ke) fad is poorly executed when their definition of discussion is let’s-have-a-different-student-present-each-time-followed-by-silence-so-thick-that-no- one-dares-to-speak-up.

StyleyGeek at Fumbling Towards Geekdom shows us that a big part of our education is the fumbling-around-until-we-get-it-right method of learning in her post on her new and improved research strategy.

Have you ever been guilty of not asking for help even though you really, really needed it?  Well, I have and Acre of Half an Acre reminds us that sometimes we all can benefit greatly simply by asking for a little help.

And here I thought I had simply made an unwise advisor choice.  FemaleCSGradStudent writes about how some faculty simply do not respect or acknowledge grad students as anything more than nameless technicians and then expect them to speak up and be proactive in an environment that does not nurture such things.


Contemplating the grad student life or lack thereof
New Kid on the Hallway thinks that this just might be the week that does her in.  I’m sure we all think that every week.  But just like New Kid, we all survive to face next week…

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a tad worn down right now.  WWW Mama of Working Writing Wailing Mama reminds us that the holidays are just around the corner and that they’re just what she needs to pick her up out of her midterm low.


Thinking of the children.  Will somebody please think of the children?
I have to agree with Twirly that the world must be truly coming to an end when students complain about not having homework.

Grade papers after a long day when you’re really tired and just want to sleep or put it off until morning?  Dr. Crazy of Reassigned Time has a little Angel and Devil on her shoulders debate this question, ultimately reaching a very satisfactory compromise.

Want to know how to make your professor’s day?   B* of 1B* Reignited writes that she feels that it makes it all worthwhile when a student tells her how her feedback has helped him/her.


Realizing that there’s something bigger than my qualifying exam to freak out about, namely my dissertation
Stuck on your dissertation?  Need some motivation?  Join StyleyGeek for International Dissertation Writing Month (InaDWriMo)!

We all know that writing a dissertation is hard.  But why is it so hard?  Complete Your Dissertation has the answers along with some strategies to help us along.  Don’t forget that checking email is not working on your dissertation.

Feeling guilty about not writing as much as you know you should be?  WWW Mama reminds us that how much we’re thinking about our dissertation also matters and advises us to present our dissertation work every once in awhile to get some fresh perspective (namely not our own) that just might help us work out the kinks that we might not see because we’ve had our heads buried in it for so long.

Feel like you’ve already failed at your dissertation?  That’s sure to put a dampener on your spirits.  Stewgad of Pretty Hard, Dammit realizes how counterproductive such a mentality can be and hopes to steer clear of such thinking.


Love-hating my peers
Sometimes we love our peers.  They suffer with us.  They know our pain.  And as StyleyGeek discovered, sometimes they’re worse off than us, which makes us feel better, even if it’s a little twisted.

And then sometimes we hate them.  Heo Cwaeth recounts an encounter with a peer who has some biting words in response to her thesis struggles and also comments on the theory divide.


Wondering what it’s like to be a post-doc
Ms. PhD of YoungFemaleScientist discusses the results of the Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey here and here and sparks some debate.

And ScienceWoman of On Being a Scientist and a Woman clarifies what a post-doc does.


Daydreaming about my future career
I’m glad I’m going through this married.  Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast discusses the results of a study that found that marriage comes with career benefits.  Even though married men benefit most, married women and married women with children benefit too when compared to single women.

How exactly do we envision our careers?  Psycgirl shares her vision of herself when she started and how that has changed and debates quality versus quantity when it comes to publications.

And finally, I get asked many things by my friends and family about my education.  And I can usually answer them.  Except for the dreaded, “So when are you graduating?”   FemaleCSGradStudent requests that family and friends refrain from asking her this question that not only does she not have an answer for but also reminds her of just how long she’s been at it.

And that wraps up this edition of the Carnival of GRADual Progress.  Although I did have to do a lot of searching for these great posts (and I apologize if I missed some good ones), I also received quite a few submissions, which I am very grateful for.

Check The Carnival of GRADual Progress website for details on where and when the fifth Carnival of GRADual Progress will be held.  Oh, and don't forget to spread the word about this carnival in the meantime!

That’s it from me.  I hope that you enjoyed my excuses for not studying.  And now that I have no more excuses left, it’s about time I got back to the books.

(desperate) call for submissions: carnival of GRADual progress

It’s almost November 15th and not only am I woefully behind on my studying for my quals, but I also have only one submission for the upcoming edition of the Carnival of GRADual Progress on you-guessed-it: November 15th. So please send your submissions to me at grad dot carnival at gmail dot com or through the other two methods mentioned on the Carnival of GRADual Progress website by 11:59pm EST November 13th.