happy howlidays!

Surprisingly enough, it’s been a rather quiet holiday season here for me. I got all of my Christmas shopping done nice and early (and mostly online as well), so I didn’t have to partake in any of that last-minute nonsense. The in-laws are too busy groveling to Miniman to give a shit about what I say or do. I’m spending plenty of time relaxing with my two wonderful dogs. Things are good. Hope they are for you too!

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  1. happy new year!I know, I know.  I disappeared for awhile there.  Hopefully I haven't lost all two of my readers with my little vanishing act, but I was just so ready for a vacation from everything, including blogging.  But now, it's a new year and I'm back...and with plenty of gossip.I was cautiously looking forward to a mostly inlawless holiday season because mother-in-law and the two brothers-in-law claimed to be going out of town to ruin someone else's Christmas.  I suspected it was too good to be true and I was right.  Turns out the plane tickets were too expensive and no one bothered to inform my husband or me of their change in plans.  So Christmas day I find myself at their house yet again with everyone acting awkward, awkward, awkward.  It didn't help that sister-in-law's miniman was there yet again.  They've only been dating for six months or so and yet he's coming over for all holidays and sleeping in the same bedroom as her and everything.  I don't understand how she is getting away with this because just two years ago, mother-in-law flipped out when she bought queen-sized bed sheets because she thought it meant sister-in-law was living with her man-of-the-moment.And did I mention that this miniman is an absolute sleaze? Yeah, I can't even look at him straight because I'm scared he's undressing me with his eyes.  He was super flirty with sister-in-law's 17-year-old cousin.  So flirty that even my usually completely oblivious husband noticed.  And all in...
  2. happy bastille dayOops.  I partied a little too much because of Bastille Day, so now I'm too tired to post.  Or is it because I'm too busy enjoying the fact that the annoying kids are gone for the weekend.  Either way, please forgive me for this post-less day.  I'll be back tomorrow....
  3. the holidays are coming…...and yeah, I would tend to agree that it's a tad early for me to even be thinking about them, but I just can't help it when I go to the store to buy some Halloween candy only to be inundated with Christmas stuff already.  Couldn't I at least have Halloween in peace without the specter of the holidays looming ahead?  I've been kind of complacent, believing that I have my holiday shopping taken care of, but the people who are the hardest to find gifts for still remain giftless.  Not only that, but sister-in-law is already trying to figure out our Thanksgiving schedule.  What a hypocrite she is, by the way, because we never heard the end of it when we wanted to skip out on Thanksgiving last year and this year, but she nonchalantly tells us that she won't be around for Thanksgiving day because she's spending it kissing her MiniMan's family's ass.  And they're just dating  (I'm pretty sure that if my husband had skipped out on Thanksgiving with his precious family when we were just dating, he would have been disowned).  And he's mini.  As much as I want her to suffer single forever, I think that I will be just as amused if she marries him because he's mini.  So mini that she kind of slumps over in pictures with him so that he doesn't look so mini.  Yeah....

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