dear reader

I’ve noticed that there have been quite a few new user registrations on my blog as of late, but no new comments (which is pretty much what registration is for). To those of you who have registered lately and to my loyal readers, is there something more that you are looking for here? Would you like to better be able to interact with me and/or each other (e.g., a forum)? I’m open to mixing things up a bit, so feel free to leave me any suggestions or thoughts in the comments here or privately by sending me a message here.

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  1. in response to my dear reader post…Ages ago, I noticed an onslaught of new user registrations without much in the way of comment-posting, so I wrote a post requesting that readers give me some input about what they want to see on this blog. I am now finally getting around to responding to loyal (I hope so still...) reader 314's questions listed below. 1. Did you ever have any dream careers as a child? When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a scientist. I even went so far as to draw a picture of myself in a labcoat working with chemicals at a lab bench when I was in second grade or so. So I've always been interested in the sciences. In high school, I wanted to be an astronomer until my mom told me that I'd never find a job (she was probably right). Not very interesting, huh? 2. What did you think being a doctor meant when you first decided to go to med school? I lived a pretty sheltered life until my mom passed away when I was in high school. Even afterwards, I remained pretty sheltered (thanks to a psycho possessive ex-boyfriend). I had never really been exposed to what it is that doctors actually do except for what I saw whenever I went to my own doctor, who was invariably either a family practician or a pediatrician. So I thought that being a doctor meant having my own general practice and that was what I wanted to do....
  2. thank you!Thanks to Kevin, MD for mentioning humble lil me in his blog.  Check it out here....
  3. dear ms. financial aid lady with a stick up her ass,Don't threaten me with lack of funding when you never told me that my file was "incomplete" to begin with.  You don't scare me because I'm in the MD/PhD program, which means I will get my money regardless of what you say or do.  Oh, and if you make trouble for me, it'll be your ass on the line, not mine (God forbid anyone give one of our most precious investments MD/PhD students any trouble).  And most certainly don't tell me that you have a heavy load when that onerous load consists of 500 students at most split between at least five of you.  Cry me a river when you're working for the undergrad financial aid office once I get your ass fired for behaving like a bitch to me. Sincerely, mylifemypace...

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4 Responses to “dear reader”

  1. 1 314

    did you ever have any dream careers as a child?

    what did you think about being a doctor meant when you first decided to go to med school? how/why has that changed as time passed?

    um…i didn’t mean for that to come out like an interview. as far as posts go, my favorites have been observations life. (”is that white coat growing out of your back?” “ah, med students…” “so you want money, power, and respect?”).

  2. 2 ani4ka83

    Hi! I recently registered but haven’t had an opportunity to post… that is until today! I enjoy reading your blog, especially your complaints about the dreaded in-laws and Teacher’s Pet - I can completely relate!! You have a great sense of humor, keep it up!

  1. 1 like a prisoner being given his last meal | my life, my pace
  2. 2 in response to my dear reader post… | my life, my pace

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