an open letter to the latest idiot who scraped my prius bumper

Dear Mr./Ms. Idiot,

Who exactly taught you how to drive? Oh, that’s right. Probably no one. Because that’s the only explanation for why you backed your vehicle into my innocent little Prius, not only leaving your nasty beige paint on my car but also taking a little souvenir paint chip with you. More importantly, were you raised by wolves? Because what decent human being damages another human’s property and then runs away without admitting the wrong that they’ve done? Do you feel good about what you did? Ha! I hit your car and I got away with it! I’m so proud. Is this what you teach your kids too? Maybe that’s why this nation is going down the drain. People like you who think you are above everyone else. People like you who expect to be treated like kings, but refuse to treat other people with common decency. Well, just you wait until someone treats you the way you deserve to be treated. It’s not so fun, is it?

Angry Prius owner

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