i’m still alive…barely

So I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t finish my thesis by two days ago. I was making progress last week. Not fast enough, of course, because who really can write 20 pages of scientific stuff a day? But last Wednesday, I made it to page 25 and I was proud. I was done with Materials & Methods and I was proud (well except for the fact that my thesis was going to be woefully short). So then I set about starting the results section. And realized that the data my major professor wanted me to use didn’t exist. So then I got stuck because the major professor was out of the country. Then I got all despondent because it was feeling like I was never going to finish my thesis and be done with grad school. But I couldn’t stay despondent for long because I had to make that pesky poster for my little conference thing tomorrow. Which I only managed to barely finish last night just in time to get it printed at Kinko’s for a handsome sum. And now I really hate Microsoft because it really shouldn’t have taken that long. And I’m also far too lazy to start working on my thesis again. So I’m lounging around enjoying the nice weather and silently freaking out about my thesis inside. But, yes, I’m still alive.

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  1. the revision is done!Rejoice! The revision is done! Well, almost. The body is done. References need to be renumbered (yet again) and spelling/grammatical errors need to be fixed. But then it's done! All I have to work on after that is re-making my tables and graphs for my Appendix sections (which shouldn't be too hard if Excel will cooperate with me). I managed to painfully squeeze out 115 whole pages. I'm proud. Now, of course, I still have to send it to my committee members to tear apart. I'm hoping they'll cut me some slack since I went out of my way to address every single issue that they brought up on my first draft. If they're still not happy, I hope that they'll just tell me what to write instead of trying to make me figure it out again. It'll save all of us precious time. On a completely unrelated note, how cool are the new MacBooks? Too cool. In fact, I've already ordered one to replace my current much-hopped-on-by-my-corgi-puppy one. I'm hoping it'll come before I finish my thesis because otherwise, what would I use it for? Blogging? :P...
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  3. there’s only 200 pages and crappy work conditions between me and finishing my thesisSo my major professor is finally back in commission.  For real now.  And during his long recuperation, he managed to pull a thesis out of his ass for me.  Only problem is I still have to write it.  And despite his very eloquent hashing out BSing of the basic structure and outline, I figure what he's told me will give me about 10 pages, maybe 14 tops, worth of actual material.  How I'm supposed to fluff 10 pages of material up and no data into 200 pages still evades me.  Not only that, but he finally acknowledged what I've been saying all along: that I've spent the last 2+ years killing all sorts of animals to come out with absolutely no useful data for my thesis.  Isn't that just great? But no, it gets better.  You see, I've been spoiled during my 3+ years back in his lab: I've had my very own rather spacious office the entire time.  Where I hide out and eat and sleep and do nothing all day most days.  Now, only 3-4 months shy of me being out of there for good, he's losing my office (academic space wars) and I'm being kicked out to this tiny corner on his lab bench while teacher's pet gets to keep the only other office space in his lab all to herself.  What the hell is up with that?  I know that I've been demoted to bottom of his favorites list, but man, I didn't realize how far...

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2 Responses to “i’m still alive…barely”

  1. 1 314

    but you’re close?

  2. 2 mylifemypace

    ha! if you call 75 more pages and several more revisions close… :P

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