how long before teacher’s pet breaks?

On the one hand, I kind of hate Teacher’s Pet.  I can’t walk past her without muttering “bitch” under my breath.  I figure that I can get away with it because I’ve clearly portrayed myself as the absolute opposite of her: anti-social, un-empathetic, socially awkward…so yes, I can’t help being rude.

But on the other hand, a very small part of me (0.5%) feels sorry for her.  Maybe she’s naively believing all of the empty promises my major professor is making.  Maybe she doesn’t know that she’s becoming his bitch to get something that she could have gotten on her own anyway (turns out she really wants to get into the residency program here).  Maybe she thinks she can break her ties with him once she gets what she wants.  Whatever it is that’s motivating her, she is very quickly becoming his utter and complete bitch. He started her off on just one pointless project.  That was the price she had to pay to be able to work on her pet project. One pointless project turned into two.  And now he’s adding on yet another one. Not to mention all of the administrative stuff she has to do now (like answering his phone like he I used to when I didn’t know any better).  I thought she liked having her nose so far up his ass that she can’t see the sun, but a colleague of mine who has watched their interactions and witnessed her reaction to him telling her that she was to take on yet another pointless project tells me that she might be close to having enough.  Wow.  I’m shocked.  I almost feel sorry for her.  Almost.  But not quite.  Because her existence and her being such an ass-kisser has screwed me over even worse just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.  So I really hope she does break and that I get to witness it.

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