stupid reason to go to medical school #219

I’ve spent quite a few posts talking about how appalling it is that stupid kids these days are deciding to pursue careers in medicine because of completely unrealistic TV shows such as the wildly popular Grey’s Anatomy and House. Well, my fears were not unfounded at all. And here’s the proof.

(1) There’s a group on Facebook called “Grey’s Anatomy made me want to become a surgeon.” And there’s 86 members.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at the group’s wall.

And Dummy Dumbette wonders why people think it’s dumb when she tells them that Grey’s Anatomy is her reason for wanting to be a surgeon? These are the people who will be our future physicians if we don’t do something about our messed up medical school admissions process now.

Or maybe you prefer Dummy Dumbette II, who surely must be planning to bring his deciding scene with him on his Ipod to show interviewers the exact moment he decided medicine was for him.

(2) Of course, there’s also a similar Facebook group with House as its theme: “House confirmed my pre-med major.”
I just can’t wait for one of these idiots to actually write this ridiculousness as their motivation for pursuing medicine in their personal statement. Better yet, I’m waiting to hear someone actually spew this crap out of their mouth at an interview. Then I’ll take extreme pleasure in crushing their idiotic dreams.

There are also similar groups on Facebook about Scrubs and Nip/Tuck, but I’m not including them here because I don’t watch them and am not at all an authority on how realistically they portray medicine. Besides, I’m sure you get my point.

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2 Responses to “stupid reason to go to medical school #219”

  1. 1 nosugrefneb

    Pretty ridiculous. Don’t forget though: A lot of our classmates were probably influenced heavily by ER…

  2. 2 mylifemypace

    God, I hope not. I didn’t watch enough of the show to know, but even so, I never watched it and thought to myself, “Gee, because of THIS show, I want to become a doctor.” It’s really how these kids flaunt their ignorance and how proud they are of how they reached their life-altering decision because of a stupid TV show that irks me. That, and the fact that they might just get in over someone who really took the time and did the right things to truly develop a passion for medicine because of corrupt people like my major professor helping them out.

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