you quit medicine so get off your damn high horse

Not too long ago, I wrote about an MD who quit her internal medicine residency to pursue a new specialty instead because she couldn’t stand the helplessness that comes from diagnosing people with untreatable conditions.  Well, apparently, she decided that this new specialty wouldn’t quite solve that problem either (duh!) and is not going to finish residency.  Instead, it seems that she plans on pursuing a purely research career, which explains why she’s my major professor’s new teacher’s pet.  That’s fine with me except for the whole stealing my major professor part.

But everyday, I have to listen to her get on her high horse about what’s wrong with medicine today.  Friday, it was a whole tirade against how doctors are too quick to order imaging instead of taking a good history and performing a good physical.  And surprisingly enough, my major professor didn’t interrupt her before she could get two words out, which is how I know she’s his new teacher’s pet.  Then today, I was subjected to her rant on how primary care providers aren’t compensated well enough for what they do because they’re not procedure-based.  What is this?  Second year of med school?!  I’ve had more than enough of these people who complain about what’s wrong with the system yet do nothing to fix it.  And really, if she cared so much, why not go into health care reform instead of research?  Why not finish residency and be one of those doctors who take good histories and perform awesome physicals instead of ordering a bunch of tests?  Ugh.  Bad enough she stole my major professor.  Now she’s going to annoy me to death with her soapbox speeches.  She better shut up or get the hell out of the lab before I throw a microscope at her.

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2 Responses to “you quit medicine so get off your damn high horse”

  1. 1 nosugrefneb

    Geez. You should just throw the microscope now and get it over with. How big is this lab of yours? There are an awful lot of people hoarding your PI’s attention away from you, it seems.

  2. 2 mylifemypace

    I’m sorely tempted to… The sad thing is that my lab only consisted of me up until this new teacher’s pet showed up. I should have had all of his attention in the first place, but he was too busy getting people who don’t deserve it into my med school (and sadly enough, he succeeded) and babying spoiled family friends who come through the lab to get something to add to their CV for their eventual med school applications. Even when it was only me, he treated me like crap anyway. It’s just gotten even worse now that there are other, more “obedient” people around. Now I don’t even exist except for when he wants something from me.

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