inspirational music for life’s (annoying) little moments 2.2

After the disaster that was last summer, I made my husband swear that we wouldn’t be a halfway house for his relatives’ (troublemaking) kids during the summer ever again. He was quick to promise. He always is. And then he always fails when it comes time to keep his promise. And this time was no different. First, he kept hassling me about letting the king of passive-aggression’s sister come stay over just because she wanted to experience life in our sunny state, which I refused. Over and over again. Until he finally got the point. Then he asked if his other cousin (how many cousins does he have anyway?!) could come “visit.” A visit was fine with me. Spending a couple of hours or even a couple of days with a kid is something I can swallow. I’m not that averse to people after all. But little did I know that my husband has a very different definition of “visit” that he chose not to make me aware of. So now I get to play mommy to a junior high kid for three whole weeks. Now, please tell me that when you think of the word “visit,” you think the same thing I do (a couple hours or days) and not three weeks. Suffice it to say, I am not happy. And now I’m stuck because I chose not to interrogate him on one tiny insignificant issue. And the brat’s arriving in two days, on Bastille Day, ruining a holiday that I am quite fond of. I’m beginning to think that my evil mother-in-law decided that I would be an unfit mother and conspired with the rest of my husband’s extended family to send me all of their troublemaking kids to make me not want to have kids of my own. Well, if that was her plan, 1) she didn’t have to to bother because I don’t want kids anyway, and 2) it’s working like a charm.

As I’m enjoying my last few moments of peace, there’s been a song running through my head (of course!): Something Corporate - Space.

Home, is this a quiet place where you should be alone? [obviously not during the summer]
Is this where the tortured and the troubled find their own? [no, it’s where they go to get tortured some more]

Hey! Give me space so I can breathe
Give me space so I can sleep [is that really too much to ask?]

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