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So Ivy League Intern Dude stopped by today.  And I could barely contain my disdain.  Apparently, he wants my major professor to write a paper on the work he did last summer so that he’ll have a publication since he’s applying to med school.  My question is: what work?!  He didn’t even finish his project and what he did do was half-assed and likely wrong.

It seems that his slacker ways permeated into his study habits because he has a mediocre GPA from his Ivy League school and didn’t fare any better on the MCAT.  Which leads me to conclude that he wants this paper so that he can say he did “meaningful” research to help his chances of getting accepted somewhere.  Well, there are several flaws in this little plan of his.  First off, papers take a long time to write.  They take an even longer time to go through the review process and get published.  It’ll probably be a year before he sees anything, which is way too late to help him with getting into med school unless he’s already looking to be a reapplicant.  I won’t even bother to mention the unethical-ness of my major professor including him as a coauthor when he didn’t do any work at all.  Next and more important, nobody gives a crap if you have one lousy publication!  Not unless you’re first-author in Nature or Science or something.  And lastly, nobody is going to read the rest of your file to even see that you have a publication if your GPA and MCAT scores suck.  They’re not going to say, “Well, this dude from this Ivy League school has a crappy GPA and MCAT scores, but he has a publication, so he’s in!”  Ugh.  How much dumber can these spoiled rich kids get?  You know what gets you into med school?  Good grades and good MCAT scores.  Both of which require hard work.  Which, of course, is a foreign concept to them since they’ve had everything handed to them on a silver platter ever since they were born. Well, too bad.  They’ll just have to learn the hard way.  Except for the fact that they won’t.  Because rich, powerful Dr. Mommy and Dr. Daddy can get them into med school.  I can only hope that I’ll be these brats’ attending someday.

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