Sadness.  Mr. Wizard, who taught me that you can’t eat more than three or so pretzels because the salt on them dries out your mouth making it hard for you to swallow and inspired me to pursue science as a career died recently. :(

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  1. RIP bathroomUnbelievable.  I’m absolutely speechless.  In a mere six weeks, these pesky freeloading kids have managed to do what I have not been able to do for well over two years now: destroy my bathroom.  There are two bathrooms in my house, but only one (the master bathroom) is usually used since the husband and I can’t ever be bothered with walking all the way to the other one.  So it was in pretty tip-top shape when the pesky kids arrived.  And now it’s not. I don’t like bathrooms, especially ones not used by me.  So I left their bathroom alone (I certainly was not going to clean it) until I got bored one day while everyone was gone.  I opened the door and was greeted by the foul damp smell of failure-to-turn-on-the-fan-to-air-out-the-bathroom-when-showering.  I set them straight on this matter and reminded them to be careful to avoid water splashing out of the shower (we have a tub + shower curtain combo) and proceeded to go back to avoiding that bathroom.  How much damage can two kids do in eight weeks anyway? Well, a lot.  I got bored again today and took a peek into their bathroom again.  And found that the baseboard molding (the piece of wood that goes on the wall right where it meets the floor to make it look pretty) warping off of the wall complete with strange brown goo on it.  So they had not been heeding my don’t-get-water-out-of-the-shower warning.  Then I make the mistake of...
  2. who said that science isn’t for women?I keep reading and hearing all this crap about how women lag behind in math and science. They try to point the finger at our education system and/or attitudes at home, etc. I'm sure some of it is true to some extent, but I just don't really see what they're freaking out about. Maybe I'm spoiled, but everyday, I see plenty of women around me engaged in scientific research. In fact, 61% of our current MD/PhD students are female. Yes, that's right, women outnumber men in our program. Of course that's just our program, but I wouldn't be surprised if other programs have similar compositions. Maybe I'm too unsympathetic, but I just don't believe in this whole women don't pursue careers in math and science because people-made-girls-think-they-weren't-good-at-it-and-they-believed-it crap. I never encountered any of that at all during my formative years. I had nothing but support from my teachers and my parents and I didn't attend fancy-shmancy private schools either. Besides, if someone tried to feed that crap to me, I would never have believed it in the first place and would have set out to prove them wrong. Nor do I believe in the whole women-are-intimidated-by-the-male-predominance-in- the-science-world crap. It's 2007, people. There are plenty of women in high places. Look at Hillary Clinton. What about all those doctors on TV? There are plenty of "strong women" on Grey's Anatomy and House. It is more accepted than ever for women to pursue once-typically-male-dominated professions. I won't lie to you and tell...
  3. RIP hummerRumor is that they're planning to get rid of the Hummer H2 because of slow sales.  Now if only they would get rid of all Hummers.  And SUVs and big trucks....

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