inspirational music for the graduate student 2.1

By taking a whole extra year, I thought I was buying myself loads of time to finish up my PhD.  I thought that I could just putt along on my experiments, take a few vacations, and generally kick back.  But I just realized that I didn’t buy myself one whole year.  In fact, I only have until next April-ish to finish.  In reality, I need to finish a couple of months before then because there’s all this orientation and other hoops I have to jump through before I’m allowed to return to med school.

And yet, here I am, still fumbling at my experiments with no clear hypothesis in mind thanks to my ass of a major professor who thinks his half-assed non-sensical ideas will work out for me.  Grad school has definitely been anything but smooth sailing.  So in honor of my seasickness, this week’s song is Beck - Nausea.

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  1. inspirational music for the graduate student 1.6I have a habit of coming up with things while I’m sleeping or half asleep, especially in the morning. And this morning (while I was still more than half asleep), I was thinking about how disappointing this whole grad school thing has been for me, what with the one step away from abusive major professor, the lack of direction, the working on a project I can’t stand and don’t give a crap about because it has nothing to do with anything I’m interested in, and the lack of successful experiments in said pointless project. And the song that was playing in my head as I thought all of this was: Radiohead – Let Down. I used to listen to this song in my younger days and loved the line, “Crushed like a bug in the ground…Shell smashed, juices flowing, wings twitch, legs are going…” That’s how I feel here sometimes…crushed like a bug, a literal train wreck, all gory and stuff, but no one notices or cares to try to make it better and as a matter of fact, certain people (ahem—my major professor) work really hard to make it worse. It’s not like I was a naïve little grad student and made a stupid choice in major professors. I’d worked with mine for over three years as an undergrad. And back then, he was…supportive, he was…a good mentor, he…valued my opinions. But something changed during the two years that I was out of the lab for med school. And...
  2. inspirational music for the graduate student 1.4Nevermind that I’m stuck at lab when I should be playing hooky or that I have a pounding headache that’s making it impossible for me to do anything besides sit here and fume over the state of my bathroom…it’s inspirational music for the grad student time! This week’s song is: The Fray – Over My Head. The rest of their CD is quite good too, if you can get over the fact that “How to Save a Life” was played on practically every (medical) show out there this season. Here’s a pertinent excerpt: I never knew I never knew that everything was falling through [yep, all my experiments are not working] That everyone I knew was waiting on a queue [I can’t schedule another experiment because our collaborators are busy collaborating with other more-important-than-me people] To turn and run when all I needed was the truth [for my experiments to work] But that’s how it’s got to be It’s coming down to nothing more than apathy [yep, apathetic is how I feel at this point] I’d rather run the other way than stay and see [that my experiments will never work] The smoke and who's still standing when it clears Everyone knows I’m in Over my head [because my experiments don’t work] Over my head [because my major professor stinks] With eight seconds left in overtime [I have less than a year to finish this PhD] She’s [PhD’s] on your mind She’s [PhD’s] on your mind As always, send song...
  3. inspirational music for the graduate student 1.16Ah, nothing like a little get-together of all of us MD/PhDers (they call it a colloquium) to remind me of how I'm not finishing my PhD this year as I had planned. And I really needed to finish this year. Because this whole PhD thing is driving me crazy. I don't know if I can last another year. The longer it takes, the more bitter and jaded I become and the less likely I will go into academics once it's all said and done (if ever). Argh, the frustration! And the song that's running through my head as I fume against my predicament is the current opening theme for another anime that I watch called Death Note. It's in Japanese and I haven't found the translation, but it's not what I would call a happy song. The seemingly incoherent rapidfire singing that this band does is so reminiscent of all of the non-help I've been getting to help me finish and get on with my life. It's the perfect song for all of the frustration that I feel. [youtube][/youtube] Know some good angry-I-hate-grad-school songs?  Send them to me here....

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