i call it cheating…

…they call it leveling the playing field.  I’m talking about certain premeds who by hook or by crook get their hands on old exams.  Which not everyone has access to.  Naive me didn’t even know that such a thing was even happening until I was told about the practice by others years later.  Suffice it to say, I never partook in such a thing unless it was legit (i.e., the professor himself gave us access to old exams).

And, yes, I think it’s cheating.  If everyone doesn’t have the same access to such information, then you’re gaining an unfair advantage.  And that’s cheating.  If the rest of us have to use our brains and walk into these exams having no idea what to expect, then you should too.  What makes you so special?  What makes you think you should be treated differently?  We all want to get into med school just as badly as you.  So why do you think you’re entitled to pull such stunts?

I’ve always thought this way until my husband called me tonight overjoyed at the fact that he had gotten his hands on some old exams for his chemistry class.  Because I’ve sat here for endless hours every night and every weekend ever since he went back to school watching him struggle at things that I take for granted as easy, I realized that it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if these people have old exams because they need them.  They have them and yet they still can’t come close to attaining my level even though I had no such help.  Even with these old exams, the playing field isn’t level.  The rest of us who don’t need such things are still far above them.  That doesn’t make it okay, of course.  But I don’t get quite as angry.  Because I know I got where I am without having to stoop to such levels.  And I’m thankful that I was born with this gifted brain of mine.

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