inspirational music for the medical student 1.12

Mwahahaha.  I have been assigned to interview a prospective victim MD/PhD student next week.  Finally, I will have some say as to who will get the honor of being counted among my peers.  The power is quite intoxicating.  All of those sweeping changes I plan on making someday when I'm Dean are feeling like they're within my grasp. Out with well-rounded.  Out with socioeconomic hardship!  In with GPA and MCAT scores!  Well, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.  Nonetheless, it will be quite fun.  Especially given that I will have been skinned alive the day before at my quals, it's only fair that I be able to inflict the same kind of horror on someone else who is just as completely at my mercy as I am at my committee's mercy.  Mwahahaha.  Now I see how the cycle of abuse gets perpetuated.

Power-trip aside, I really can't stand some of the applicants that I see come through.  How dare they think they are the hottest thing since sliced bread when all they are are insignificant bugs?  A little modesty would be nice, considering that we have plenty of people who want your spot who are probably better than you.  Shameful, really.  And that's my song for this week: Atreyu - Shameful.  Because some of the things premeds do to get into med school are just really shameful.  More on that after my quals.

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