my major professor, the generous one

So I'm studying at lab, which doesn't work very well when my major professor interrupts me every two seconds with some super-unimportant thing or other.

Today, he walks into my office and says, "You have your MD/PhD poster session AND retreat coming up.  Are they going to interfere with your orals?"

I honestly don't even remember the dates of those events because I'm too busy worrying about quals, but I know that the abstract for the retreat isn't due until two days AFTER my quals.  So I tell him, "Well, I don't remember when the poster session is and the retreat abstract is due two days after my orals, so I just have…a very full plate."

He responds by saying, "Well, I can talk to the MD/PhD people and get you excused from the activities."

By this time, I had looked up the date of the poster session and it's one day after my quals. "Well, there's no point since both of them take place after my quals.  There's no reason why they should excuse me from them."

To which he says, "Well, maybe you'll be too tired or something.  Or maybe you'll go to Vegas to celebrate passing."

And I say, "Well, you can try to get me excused if I fail."

And then he walks away, leaving me wondering how completely pointless that entire conversation was.  I'm sure he was trying to pretend to be generous or something, so that he could later rub in my face how much he "protects" his lab.  But really, if he wanted to be generous, then why can't he give me the next three weeks until my quals off?  Getting rid of my responsibilities that come into play AFTER my quals does absolutely nothing for me.  The only thing he can do for me right now is stop interrupting me, which I think he is utterly and completely incapable of, so really, the only thing he can do is not make me come to lab pointlessly when I could be at home studying much more productively without his incessant interruptions.

I'm so screwed. 

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