random qualifying exam committee shuffle: the aftermath

So I finally got to meet with my replacement qualifying exam committee member today.  Let me just say that these meetings must be designed as preliminary tests to see if they're going to be nice or mean during the actual exam.  Because just getting into the same room with these people is in itself a challenge.

First, there was the committee member who wasn't there.  Nope.  Door closed.  No note.  Nothing.  What else could I do besides stand around waiting (like an idiot) assuming that she was just running late?  So that I did.  For 20 minutes before I decided to wander around looking for someone I had never before seen in my life.  As expected, that turned out to be a rather fruitless search.  Though I did pass a lady in the hallway otherwise occupied with talking to other people twice in my search.  Lo and behold, when I walk back to the committee member's office, it was her.  I swear it was a test to see if I would wait it out or leave.  I can understand being caught up in conversation for five minutes, but not 20 and not such that you don't notice a confused grad student wandering by multiple times during your conversation.

Then there was the committee member who ultimately backed out.  Her test must have simply been whether or not I was able to find her office.  Because damn was it hard to find.  I felt like a rat in a maze after awhile, what with all the dead ends and rooms not being where I expected based on the progression of room numbers.  But I did find it eventually.

Then there was Evil Committee Member.  Who showed up a whole half an hour late to our appointment only to eat me alive with her disdain for my project.  I assume she was just testing to see if she could break me before the exam.  Obviously, if you can break a grad student before the exam, that just means it'll be even more fun to break her during the exam.

And finally there was Replacement Committee Member today.  I thought it would be easy enough what with him making first contact through email and all (no one else had done this).  But no, I got to his office at the appointed time to find the door closed.  Why do people keep their doors closed when they're expecting to meet with someone anyway?  I walked down the hall and found another door with the same room number.  Wow, what a big office, I thought.  I chose to stand and wait outside that door since I was a bit early assuming that he was running late.  And I waited.  And waited.  The worst part was I didn't have a watch or cell phone with me, so I had no idea how long I'd been waiting.  But it had to have been awhile when I decided to knock on the door that I was standing in front of.  Nothing.  Hmm.  I wandered around the corner and found a third door to his office!  I tried the knob on that door and it was locked.  So I went back to door #2 and waited some more.  After probably forever, I knocked again on door #2.  Then I got pretty exasperated (especially since I'd parked at a parking meter and was on limited time) and walked back over to door #3 and knocked.  And was greeted with a "come in" when the door was locked.  So he had been in that corner the whole time and never wondered where I was even though I was probably a good 20 minutes late by then?!

And to make things even more wonderful, he chose NOT to cover any of the material I had been studying for Replaced Committee Member, thereby making my last two weeks of studying pointless.  At least I learned some neat things about hibernation, I guess.  Did you know that hamsters hibernate?  Well, I didn't.  I sure hope that my hamster wasn't hibernating when I thought it was dead.  Oh, and at least I didn't get a parking ticket even though my meter had expired for a good hour by the time I finally got back out there.  And now back to square one.

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