i’ve almost resigned myself to not finishing my phd this year

Almost is the key word here.  Almost, but not quite because I really don't want to take an extra year.  I really don't.  But it's looking more and more like I don't have much choice here.  Why?

Well, because: 

(1) I'm terrified that I will fail my quals.  And evil committee member doesn't help my confidence one bit.  Neither does the random committee shuffle.  Or the fact that I haven't really studied for over two weeks now.  The holidays are really a horrible time to have to be studying.  I'm so distracted by everything even though I really hate the holidays anyway.  Hating the holidays doesn't mean I can ignore them.  It doesn't mean I don't have to find presents for my evil in-laws.  It doesn't mean that I'm not tempted by all of the sales (to buy presents for myself, of course!).

(2) My last experiment failed and the animal I'm using in my model isn't going to be available until late January.  Which means no experiments until then and still no working model.  If I want to finish this year, I will have to finish by July.  Hmm…  No model and no way to do experiments until February leaves me with only five months to finish my project.  I may be smart, but even I can't pull something like that off.  This issue is more complicated by the fact that I technically don't have to start in July along with the rest of the third year medical students.  I could start later in the year if I finished by then.  But I want to start with everyone else because if I don't I'll have to make up required rotations during the time when I should be doing away rotations and that won't be good.  So maybe it's better that I don't rush this anyway and just take another year.  But a part of me can't swallow that.  A whole extra year.  Is it worth it to give myself the best chance of getting into the residency program that I want?

Not that it seems like I have a choice anyway.  But it feels like failure to have to take an extra year.  And I've never failed before in my life.  That's why I can't quite accept it even though I'm pretty much resigned to it. 

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