whac-a-mole (season 3, episode 8)

CAMERON: Eighteen-year-old kid, suddenly an orphan and a single father of two.
HOUSE: Party of Five!  Powerful stuff.  The OC of its day.

Can I be your imaginary friend?

Can’t you see his heart is fine?  Stop torturing him!  What kind of doctor are you?

I hired you to take away the pain.  Is there some confusion?

CAMERON: Nice cane.
HOUSE: If I know what you mean?

You want to think that he’s sacrificing because if one person can do it, then maybe the world isn’t the cold, selfish place you know that it is.

Okay, fine!  I’ll father your child.  But first, you have to write me a Vicodin prescription.  Just so I can get through the foreplay.

Yes, their cowardice is inspiring.

Oh I hate writing thank you notes.  Would it be weird if I asked Cameron to write them?

I knew that cleavage was a smokescreen!  You’re a genius.

HOUSE: Moronic.  It’s a synonym.

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» The 10 dirtiest jobs in science.  Hey, they forgot to include being your major professor’s bitch.  Okay, I guess that isn’t quite as literally dirty as those on the list, but it sure feels like it is. # 0

» Yum!  Now that’s something I can live with: eating curry to stave off cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.  Researchers in Singapore found that people (aged 60-93) who ate curry even only occasionally scored higher on the Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) than those who never ate curry.  The curry spice, turmeric, contains curcumin, which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  And the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly in India is fourfold less than that in the United States. # 0

» There’s a great article today about how the MIT Dean of Admissions wants to reduce admissions anxiety in teenagers.  How about parents getting off of their kids’ backs?  That would help.  But I do admire her for trying to create a friendlier system that might just ease the pressure enough to not give parents such reason to push their kids so hard.  Too bad it probably won’t happen any time soon.  And go ahead and try to tell Asian parents to stop pushing their kids to the point of insanity.  I dare you. # 0


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