to wii or not to wii…

Silly of me to even be considering such a thing as wasting a good chunk of time standing/sitting outside my local Target/Wal-mart/Best Buy trying to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii.  That's why I maintain that I am absolutely no good at this studying thing.  I get distracted way too easily.  And I'm not even a video game fanatic.  It's just that..hmm…well…I don't even know why I'm tempted.  Besides the fact that I could be the first in my circle of family and friends to get the Wii (and with siblings-in-law like mine, I guess it could be worth it), I don't know why I want to torture myself to get one, especially with all of the reports of violence in connection to the PlayStation 3 launch.  I guess it's because I'm sold on Nintendo now that I've had my DS Lite for awhile and still love it.  They've made games simple enough for me to play.  When I was younger, I played Nintendo and then Super Nintendo because my brother had them.  But then he moved on to PlayStation and it was over for me.  Way too complicated.  The only thing I can play on the PS2 now is Karaoke Revolution.  But the DS Lite changed all of that.  There are so many games I can play that I can't decide half the time.  And the Wii looks to be the same.  So I'm tempted.  Very tempted.  But even if I get one, when will I have time to play since I'm supposed to be studying?  And there lies the dilemma.  Can I really control myself and limit my game-playing time enough so that I won't fail my quals?  I doubt it.  I guess that's why I should have taken my quals earlier…so I could get a Wii and play guilt-free. -_-

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The patient is a 20-something-year-old MD/PhD student with a history of extensive schooling now presenting with frustration at her current lack of progress consistent with being stuck in a rut.



Scientists in the EU are designing robot nurses.  Looks like they'll be pretty cute.  And that they'll be taking care of the more tedious tasks (like mopping up spills and guiding visitors to patient rooms), hopefully freeing up human nurses for more pressing patient matters.  Unless, of course, they malfunction…


iPhone > girlfriend?  Well, yeah if my girlfriend is as super-fugly and super-psycho as my brother-in-law's.  And I'm assuming that's why an informal survey found that 1 in 8 guys would trade their girlfriends for the latest and greatest tech toys.


A new study shows that more Americans are drinking soda at breakfast.  Soda for breakfast?  Gross.  I guess it beats coffee though.  The article also mentions that about half of the US population drinks 4 or more sodas a day.  Damn.  I used to have one soda a day and feared for my health enough to cut soda pretty much completely out of my diet.  Diabetes nation, here we come.


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