Remember your first time? No, not that first time. >_< Your first time seeing a patient, silly! Were you nervous? Scared you would screw up? Terrified that they would finally see you for the fraud that you are? I know I sure was and that I’ll probably still be for a long time to come. So here’s a song about being nervous and feeling like someone’s breathing down your neck just waiting for you to screw up: Jack’s Mannequin: Dark Blue*. I just discovered this band and think their stuff is great, so if you like this song, check out the rest of their album, Everything in Transit*.

And I can’t forget to mention Carribean med student (I have a friend who goes to SGU!) rumorsweretrue’s* wonderful suggestion of Habib Koite & Bamada’s album, Ma Ya*. He particularly likes the track entitled Wassiye and I have to agree that I do too. Thanks for the suggestion!

Are you a med student or know what it feels like to be one? Did you have certain songs that you listened to that helped you make it through the day? Then submit your suggestions through a comment on this post or an email to me at mylifemypace at gmail dot com.*

*Okay, so wordpress or my host or somebody out there really hates me because I can’t for the life of me add any links to this post without everything getting screwed up. Yes, that even means regular old ugly url addresses. And I’m no dummy when it comes to html or coding either, but after spending three hours on this, I’ve decided it’s just not worth it. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some links later.

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» The 10 dirtiest jobs in science.  Hey, they forgot to include being your major professor’s bitch.  Okay, I guess that isn’t quite as literally dirty as those on the list, but it sure feels like it is. # 0

» Yum!  Now that’s something I can live with: eating curry to stave off cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.  Researchers in Singapore found that people (aged 60-93) who ate curry even only occasionally scored higher on the Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) than those who never ate curry.  The curry spice, turmeric, contains curcumin, which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  And the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly in India is fourfold less than that in the United States. # 0

» There’s a great article today about how the MIT Dean of Admissions wants to reduce admissions anxiety in teenagers.  How about parents getting off of their kids’ backs?  That would help.  But I do admire her for trying to create a friendlier system that might just ease the pressure enough to not give parents such reason to push their kids so hard.  Too bad it probably won’t happen any time soon.  And go ahead and try to tell Asian parents to stop pushing their kids to the point of insanity.  I dare you. # 0


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