they should just add prozac to the drinking water supply

I stumbled upon this article today that discusses further implications of intermittent explosive disorder, including that it’s treated with Prozac. Let’s just add this disorder to the long list of psychiatric disorders treated with Prozac. How convenient for pharmaceutical companies! Who needs to waste time with counseling/therapy to learn how to really deal with life’s problems when all you have to do is pop a magical pill that will cure all your failures to cope with life’s little problems? And for those who have to deal with people with disorders that are treatable with Prozac, why bother trying to convince them to go into therapy when all you have to do is slip a little Prozac into their food?

It’s sad, but true, that popping a pill is so much easier than actually dealing with the fact that you just might need therapy to work through issues that you’ve ignored and that are now biting you in the ass. And that it’s also easier to suggest to someone you know who just might need therapy to pop a pill instead. I’m guilty of it myself with my mother-in-law, who probably has some depression mixed in with an anxiety disorder. There is absolutely no way in hell I will ever be able to convince her that she just might have these problems, let alone get her into therapy. And I’d rather not even try because the evil manipulator in her is just waiting for the chance to suck my husband and me back into her guilt-web by giving her more reason to play the victim. I can just see it now, “Poor me. I need to see the therapist 3 times a week. Which means you have to drop everything and drive 4 hours roundtrip to pick my sorry ass up and take me to the therapist (even though I’m perfectly capable of driving myself but would rather use any excuse no matter how lame it is to make you my servants). And you’ll have to do this for me until I get better (which I never will because I’m just pretending that I’m trying to change so that you’ll serve me).” No, thank you! Even the pill-popping idea will be lost on her because it won’t get her what she wants. Since she can’t use it to suck us into her guilt-web, she simply will refuse to admit that she has a problem. Which she does. Because if she doesn’t, then that means that she’s just a mean grumpy lady with control issues. And I can’t stand mean grumpy ladies with control issues. I just avoid them. And I’m trying not to permanently cut mother-in-law out of our lives for my husband’s sake. So she has an anxiety disorder and depression.

I also think my siblings-in-law could also stand to benefit from a little Prozac. Hell, I feel like I need Prozac just to deal with that woman. And that’s the sad part about people with such disorders. In refusing to deal with their problems themselves, they just suck everybody in with their guilt and manipulation, making as many people suffer as possible with them. They make these innocent bystanders suffer so much that they need Prozac just to deal with them. So because of all of these people who refuse to help themselves, we have a whole I-have-a-psychiatric-disorder-by-proxy group of people who need/take Prozac when, in reality, only one person really needs it (but of course, refuses to take it).

And until these people learn to admit that they have issues and deal with these issues in a constructive manner, that’s why we need to add Prozac to the drinking water supply. To keep the rest of us sane. Which was probably the pharmaceutical companies’ evil master plan. They’re laughing all the way to the bank now.

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The patient is a 20-something-year-old MD/PhD student with a history of extensive schooling now presenting with frustration at her current lack of progress consistent with being stuck in a rut.



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