Tell anyone with half a brain that you’re a medical student and you’ll likely be met with this question, the answer to which is kind of hard to know during the basic science years when we’ve had virtually no exposure to anything vaguely clinical let alone anything that has anything to do with any specialty. Here are some attempts at answering this all-important question.

10. Huh? You mean there’s more after med school? Doh!

9. Well, my mom/dad/personal trainer/dentist/friend/stylist/sibling/random guy I met on the street all say Radiology is the best. So Radiology it is!

8. Duh. It’s simple. I’m going into Neurosurgery. Because (I in my own weird little super-competitive-it’s-all-about-me world think) it’s the most awe-inspiring specialty and I need my ego stroked. Constantly.

7. PM&R—plenty of money & relaxation. Did you really think I was in it to help people?

6. I’m just going to say that I want to go into Orthopaedic surgery/Radiology/Dermatology so that I can make myself look all gunner-like, but I really deep down inside just want to go into Internal Medicine.

5. Duh. General surgery. Because I’m just Type-A like that.

4. I’m only going to limit myself to the specialties that entail less than 5 additional years of training (I really prefer only 4) and that will make me at least $200K a year. Oh yeah. And I refuse to work anything beyond 8-5. I need time to enjoy my money, you know.

3. HowcanIpossiblywaituntilIgoonrotationstofigurethisallimportantlifedecisionout?! *breathes into bag*

2. Well, I think I’ll just wait until I go on rotations before I even try to decide.

1. I have no clue. I sure hope I figure it out by the time I have to decide.