hi, everybody!

Welcome to My Life, My Pace, where you’ll find my random, hopefully somewhat interesting, musings as I live my life as a medical student/graduate student/wife/human being…at my pace! For more about me, go to My H&P. Enjoy!

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  1. inspirational music for the graduate student 1.12Back before my crazy-cramming-for-quals days, I used to partake in a little anime-watching. My absolute favorite anime (for the moment) is Bleach, which is about a high school student who finds out he has shinigami powers. Yes, that probably doesn't make sense, but there's really no way I can explain it, so you'll have to check it out for yourself if you're interested. Anyway, they have really great opening and closing songs and my favorite, which I've chosen as my song for this week is Sunset Swish - My Pace. It's a really catchy song about living life at one's own pace and not giving up, which I think is very appropriate for this week because that's just what I did when it came to quals--I chose to take it when I did myself (albeit later than most) and I didn't give up studying or run out of the exam screaming (though you don't know how tempted I was) and it worked out. Hopefully, this whole going about my thesis project at "my pace" will also work out. In the meantime, feel free to send your song suggestions to me here....
  2. i am a graduate student researcherNOT a graduate student secretary, or Powerpoint maker, random data generator, or food fetcher. Especially not when I'm here full time and am only being paid half time. But that's what my major professor thinks I am. He's an interesting creature to those who have the good fortune of not working for him. To them, he is a minor annoyance maybe, someone to put up with because of his high rank, but not in any way threatening or abominable. He saves that for his employees and grad student and then has the nerve to say that his lab is his family. In his lab, he does no work. In fact, he surfs ESPN and other such pages all day while his employees and grad student do all the work for him. Then we get bitched at because our results were not what he wanted. Well, so they're not what you wanted. Live with it. Do you want us to just make up results that fit into what you want? Sorry, but we know all about fudging data and how bad it is for our careers and we don't need your approval that much. I am ultra pissed at him today because he's chairing a PhD qualifying exam committee and had the nerve to tell me to run downstairs whenever someone on the committee calls to be let in to our locked building. Uh, it's not my qualifying exam, so why should I care? And I can't exactly efficiently go up...
  3. procrastinators unite! I’ve always been a procrastinator. And it’s always worked for me. Here’s why. Forget studying for that test! I need to clean the desk/study/house! Besides, the test is still a whole two days away. Don’t I need to turn in that progress report? Well, it’s not due till June so I’ll clean up my desk here at lab first. Then I’ll make that table for my experiment tomorrow. Since I need it by tomorrow, after all. My major professor is on my case about making sure our new data analysis program works but I really need to organize my laptop desktop first. Why? Because I have no need of this program until I actually get some data from my experiments. Until then, why bother? And then there’s the whole studying for the qualifying exam thing. Important? Yes. Big and scary? Yes. Am I studying for it now? No. Why? Because I have a million other things I need to do first, like brushing the dog, cleaning the house, writing in my blog. Blogging is this procrastinator’s dream—there’s always another post I have to write right when I need to get to some annoying task or other. Ah…to be completely unproductive yet productive at the same time—I’m truly living my life at my pace. :)...

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